IBB Polonia is a long-term project

A conversation with the President of IBB Polonia London: Bartek Luszcz.

So IBB Polonia London is currently the best team in the country?

When I became involved with volleyball three years ago, I didn’t do it just for the one season. I decided to treat it like a long-term project, developed with patience by a group of people who have a similar approach. Through the last three years, the club has evolved and gone through many changes; not only in terms of the players, but also Club organizational changes. We have a number of goals that we are trying to achieve for the benefit of the club.

The fans are desperate to know if you will play in the European Challenge Cup. Do you have any news for them?

We are working hard to ensure that IBB Polonia London will take part in this tournament organized by CEV. It is not a straightforward process! There are countless rules and regulations to follow. I’m optimistic that the news will be positive in terms of our participation in the CEV Challenge Cup.

Will participation in the CEV Challenge Cup result in some squad changes?

Of course there will be some new faces in the squad; but it’s a little too soon for specific details! The last day of the previous season has automatically become the first day of the next season. The players are resting and recovering at the moment, but the management of the club are working hard to make the next steps materialize. We need to, not only, compete in the CEV Challenge Cup, but of course the Super8. We constantly have new ideas and are considering new players; sponsorship deals and plans for the fans. We are constantly working on the idea that IBB Polonia London remains the best in every respect.

I heard lots of mentions, not only of the team, but also of the IBB Polonia fans.

Our fans are famous across Europe, not only in the UK. we have introduced a high quality of volleyball to England  and they were keen to watch us home and away. It’s great to have a group of loyal supporters who are behind the team through thick and thin. Other teams are very envious of our relationship with them.

The team also consists of the sponsors. You’ve got a great partnership with IBB.

The boss of the company IBB polish Building wholesale is Jacek Ambrozy, a Patron of volleyball in England. His influence develops the club and also the sport in general in England. We are grateful for his faith in us and are delighted in his vision of the future.

IBB Polonia London also have a number of other Patrons I hear.

In 2015/16 we have had support from Maja Polish deli; CBL; Manualmed, Polka PR. We have excellent relationships with Witold Sobkow, the Polish Ambassador in the UK and also with the Foreign Office in Warsaw and Mr Bogdan Beclaa, the Director of Polish Tourism Office in London. a very special partnership links us with Mr Konrad Piechocki, the President of PGE SKRA Belchatow and also of course with the actual club from Belchatow- our official partners. I am so grateful for all of those whom I have mentioned on behalf of the club and also from a personal perspective.

I will keep my fingers crossed for you, and thanks for the conversation