IBB Polonia London at the Warsaw tournament

Last weekend, (9-11 September), IBB Polonia London took part in the City Volley Cup tournament organised by the volleyball section of the sports club Legia Warsaw. It was a three day opportunity to test some players and ideas before the start of the domestic Super 8 League which begins 24th September.

The teams taking part, apart from IBB Polonia London, were Legia Warsaw, Lesan Halinow and VK Ostrava. In the end the tournament winners were from the Czech Republic who didn’t lose a single match.

– I’m really pleased we could take part in this event – said IBB Polonia London Coach Piotr Graban. – It was a great opportunity to play lots of sets and experiment before the advent of the 2016/17 season. It was the first time to get the squad together. It was a chance to assess our current level. It allowed us to certainly raise our level and also to figure out which elements we are good at and where we must focus our attention in training. I’d like to thank the organisers of the tournament for our invitation and I hope that in a year we will travel to Warsaw again.

The tournament is a great opportunity for the whole club to gain some Polish know-how – said Chairman Bartek Łuszcz. – Thanks to initiatives such as this we continue to learn from the best and can transfer the ideas to England. As a result the league will continue to develop and attract more players,spectators and media. The trip to Poland allowed us to develop our working relationships with the Polish Volleyball Federation, which will have a direct influence on the sport’s popularity in the UK.

– Visit in Warsaw enabled me to learn more about the team. I have seen their engagement, optimism and sacrifice. – said the representative The Polish Bakery (Wembley), one of the sponsors who joined the team in Warsaw – Tournament proved that the decision about starting the cooperation was good. We share the same values and aims – team work, fair competition and perfectionism. I hope the effects of our co-work will turn out positive for both of us.

This was the second time the tournament had invited the current English champions. MVP of IBB Polonia London was voted as the captain – Marius Ciortea.

IBB Polonia – VK Ostrava 0:3
IBB Polonia – Legia Warsaw 2:3
IBB Polonia – Lesan Halinow 1:3

Pic Grzegorz Samoraj