Looking forward to the next challenge

A conversation with Team Captain Bartek Kisielewicz.
Congratulations! It was a great season. Did you anticipate such a great sequence of results in order to win the Cup and Championship?

Thanks for your congratulations. We always go on court with the aim of winning of course. We always wanted to defeat the opponents and take the maximum number of points.

And you only lost one match all season?

Yes. It was with our eternal rival Team Northumbria up in Newcastle. There was a moment, when we lost focus and we allowed the opposition to get away from us and it resulted in us losing the set. We lost our rhythm and even though we didn’t give up; it was too much to do to catch them up before they closed out the set. It was a costly error for us and gave us our only defeat.

And after that, you won every match; right up until the finals of the Cup and the League. Those titles ended up with you in London and not in the north.
These wins were some of the most important in my career. IBB Polonia gathered an outstanding group of players who became a great team and we really earned those titles. They were amazing feelings; being in the best group of players in England. I’m really looking forward to the next challenge that will be in the European Challenge Cup

And could you always rely on your fans?
Indeed. Our fans were the “extra player” that often gets mentioned. They supported us at every single match, home and away. other teams are extremely jealous of them, that there is a group of people who support us during matches. I really want to thank them on behalf of all of the team.

Apart from the fans, does anyone else get an honourable mention?
As I said earlier, we played like a team, so the honourable mention goes to everyone, the players, the coaches, the club Directors and the sponsors.

Thanks for your time and good luck in the European competitions.