Pointless IBB Polonia London once again

On Saturday, 25th November IBB Polonia London played an away match against Team Wessex. On this occasion the hosts came out on top winning 3:1 (28:26; 25:22; 17:25; 25:19). The visitors returned to London without any points to show for their efforts.

“Yesterday’s game cannot be counted as one of the more successful. Despite many good attacks, we made way too many errors. We gave this result away by handing each set to our opponents in the end phase of each of the four sets. Team Wessex were the underdogs and played the match with freedom having nothing to lose. We were unable to cope with the pressure and we played with little momentum and seemed very tense on court. I can say that we will be training even harder, to prevent this from happening again.” – said IB Polonia London Head Coach, Piotr Graban.

“We struggled with many phases of the game, but especially on serve receive. The middle blockers made a some good kills throughout the game, but I was most impressed with opposite Michal Bartoszak who amassed 24 points on his own in kills, blocks and serves. It is a shame we were not all able to play with the same dominance: if we had done, the game would have been over very quickly in our favour.” – commented IBB Polonia London Director of Volleyball, Chris Hykiel.

IBB Polonia London were very grateful to have the support of their loyal fans who travelled to Bournemouth to cheer their beloved team on. They outnumbered the home supporters and made a huge amount of noise.

“Thanks very much for the support and belief in our team. Now we need them more than ever. I hope they can be with us on every match as the seventh player to help us to climb the League Table.” – added Graban.

The next match in the Super 8 takes place on Saturday, 3rd December against Malory Eagles. The game takes place at Brentford fountain Leisure Centre; the home of the Champions of England. The match starts at 3PM and tickets for the event are available at http://polonia.eventbrite.co.uk/.

Pic. sandsphoto.co.uk