The London Cup finds its way to the IBB Polonia trophy cabinet

On Sunday 10th September 2017, Team IBB Polonia London took part in the 2017 edition of the London Cup. The current Champions of England were undefeated throughout the event over all four matches. This signifies the beginnings of good form and the first trophy of the season.

The London Trophy was organised, for the second time, by Ashley Trodden with the support of the London Volleyball Association and took place in Tooting in the Ernest Bevin Sports Hall. There were five teams in the competition, all but one were from the 2018 version of the Super 8 division: IBB Polonia London, Essex Blaze, London Lynx and Malory Eagles. One team was from lower down in the national rankings (New Forest). The one day event had some high level action throughout all of the teams; and the action was relentless, with each game being the best of three sets. During the first edition of this tournament, London Lynx were the victors, and were very keen to keep hold of their title: but unhappily for them, IBB Polonia London were too dominant throughout.

– “The first pre-season event ended up with us as victors. We won the London Cup without losing a single match. The tournament showed us the current level of a few teams that we will come up against this season. We made many errors, but it is still early in the season for us, and this is to be expected; however this also indicates which areas we need to focus on in training. We have a lot of new young players in the squad, without too much experience at this level, however despite this we won. The key to our success was a good atmosphere in the squad and the development of on-court relationships.” – said Patrik Selep, assistant coach for IBB Polonia London.

The next event will be on the 23rd September and will take place in Essex at the home venue of the newly promoted Essex Blaze.

IBB Polonia Londyn – Essex Blaze 2:1 (15:25; 25:20; 15:8)
IBB Polonia Londyn – London Lynx 2:1 (25:20; 23:25; 15:10)
IBB Polonia Londyn – Malory Eagles 2:1 (25:22; 23:25; 15:8)
IBB Polonia Londyn – New Forest Volleyball 2:1 (24:26; 25:20; 15:10)