The next step in the CEV Challenge Cup for IBB Polonia London this Sunday

IBB Polonia London are on their way to seek revenge against FINO Kaposvar SE in the CEV Challenge Cup. On Sunday 18th December 2016 the volleyball players from England will be fighting for their place in the next round of the event. During the first leg, on the 6th December in Hungary, the opponents took the match 3-0.

– I’m approaching the match in a very positive manner. It is our home match, but we will play in a different place to normal. I have very fond memories from Belchatow and am optimistic about the game. I hope that there fans arrive in big numbers and help us achieve a favourable result. – commented IBB Polonia London setter, Bartosz Kisielewicz.

It is not just the IBB Polonia London contingent that is excited about the event, but Skra Belchatow themselves are looking forward to the unique event.

The upcoming match this Sunday is a direct result from the cooperation that PGE Skra Belchatow and IBB Polonia London have enjoyed over the last few years. I am confident that our supporters will come to Hala Energia this Sunday and support our partner club from London. I am positive it is going to be an exciting event. –  said Director of Marketing for SKRA Belchatow, Tomasz Koprowski.

Some of the players from PGE Skra Belchatow will be coming to watch the game in order to support their friends from London and to meet the fans. The game will start at 6pm local time. Tickets for the event at a cost of 3 PLN and 5 PLN are available from the SKRA shop at half Energia in Belchatow. They are also available at the SKRA stall at the Olympia Shopping Centre and also online at

Any fans remaining in England have the opportunity to watch the match live together with the official IBB Polonia London supporters club in POSK in Hammersmith. The transmission will start at 5pm GMT.