2022 Summary

Coinciding with the end of the year, a summary seems in order so let’s spend some time looking over the last twelve months.

Fifth place in the English Super League

2021/2022 wasn’t the most successful of seasons for IBB Polonia London. The Team’s supporters became accustomed to challenging for the highest standards had to settle for a meagre fifth place in the Super League. It is worth mentioning that the league took place after a break of  almost 18 months  of any volleyball in England. In addition the senior men’s team was filled with a raft of juniors that had never played this standard before; often the average age was nineteen! Everybody agreed that the outcome of the season was not important, but the achievements of the young players were to be applauded. The athletes, who thanks to the possibility of playing at the highest level, gained valuable experience and court time and these helped them achieve such amazing results in the youth competitions.

Pro Volley wins second place in England under 18.

Shortly after the final league match of the season, the young players of Pro Volley academy played the final of the Under 18 national competition. Greg Niski’s players took on Richmond Docklands in the prestigious event. After four amazing sets of volleyball the debutants in the competition had to acknowledge the better play of their rivals with a defeat 3-1. Despite the loss, the result was a huge achievement for the Pro Volley program as the only team in the whole country who won a set from the champions and actually came very close to winning gold.

„During today’s game we experienced every possible emotion. We were overjoyed at the strong start and then sadness at the very end. Seeing our players in tears, shows they gave everything they could and right until the end, they believed they could win. We are runners-up in our first attempt at this competition and of this we are proud. We congratulate the players and the entire coaching staff for what they have achieved. Of course we congratulate the victors: Richmond Docklands. This is a club that has had an enormous junior program for many years and has won everything there is to win in this country. We are proud we matched such an experienced team and played such a high standard. We also thank our fans for being there and for their support; they are always with us and also share our emotions each game” said CEO of IBB Polonia London Bartek Luszcz after the conclusion of the final.

On top of this, the young players who train at Pro Volley Academy are in the roster for the national Team Under 18 group.

The Volleyball Show: TV series.

In February 2022, the first episode of The Volleyball Show was broadcast on BT Sport. This unique TV series was produced by IBB Polonia London and its business partners. The series was the first on BT Sport a British TV broadcaster that also shows Premier League football. The series was also shown on facebook and online.

The Volleyball Show tells the story, amongst others, of the popularity of volleyball in England and how the sport is developing. Also how the life of a volleyball players looks from every aspect and how participation in the CEV Champions’ League and CEV Cup takes place. It shows the enormous challenges the English team faces in those events and also compares it to the top Polish clubs. Behind the scenes in training is revealed of one of the top volleyball nations and the rich history of titles has been achieved. Viewers were shown what the most prestigious competitions look like when hosted in Poland.

„This has been a huge hit for us; and we have waited to do this for a long time. We can be proud that IBB Polonia London produced its own TV series. We invested a lot of time and effort into making it as good as we could, and so I hope its effects will be felt and viewers enjoyed watching. The series will be of interest to every volleyball fan and really mustn’t be ignored; it reveals some of the day to day secrets of various teams, some of the vast challenges faced off court, some of the work and effort required before the first ball is served. Watching the series gives viewers the feel of being part of The Team and sharing its emotions. IBB Polonia London reinforces that, by producing the series, it isn’t just hoping for greatness, but is aiming for the highest targets. I am proud, that once again, we can show there are no boundaries for us, that popularising volleyball and the evolution of our team are worth the investment. All of this is thanks to the vision and strategic know how of the owner of The Club and also IBB Builders Merchants- Jacek Ambroży and a number of other individuals involved with The Club. I am overjoyed we have such an amazing partner as BT Sport; one of the biggest sports channels in British TV. We at IBB Polonia London, know how much emotion our sport gives and are eager to share this with a wider audience. I am optimistic that a new group of viewers will start to love volleyball” said Bartek Luszcz: CEO of IBB Polonia London.

2022/2023 Season.

Currently the London based team is competing in the English Super League and the National Cup as well as the Under 18 National Cup. Before the season, Nico Gajkiweicz, Rokas Vaskys, Nahome Tewelde, Ronaldo trim and Peter Edwards moved on and found their volleyball lives elsewhere. In addition Kasia Strag, marketing director since 2016, decided to continue her career elsewhere; we will miss her.

New faces appeared at The Club this season: Greg Niski continued his role as Head Coach and has been joined by Peter Soczewka, Martino Selleri, Marlon Silva, Lukasz Tokaszewski, Ivo Dobra, Saimir Hysa, Joao Alves, Godi Jibi and most recently Dahmane Ben Titi. Returning to The Club are Vitor de Oliviera and Filipi Rodrigues.  In the final match of 2022; Richmond Docklands visited but were defeated in five sets: IBB Polonia London Vc are currently in second place in the table.

2023 is coming..

2023 is coming and we are in no doubt there will be a whole set of new challenges ahead of us, and not only on court! 2023 will be a big year in the history of IBB Polonia London who is celebrating its 50 year anniversary: we can’t wait!

Create volleyball with us

This season is special for us. We make the intense efforts to create conditions for the club to raise capital and, as a result:
Create a professional volleyball team by providing the best possible training conditions and attracting the best players
Provide impressive tifo display, live streaming, and broadcasting matches on TV channels
Provide assistance for the Official Club Supporters and helping the organisation develop
Popularise of the development of volleyball in England
Promote the sporting union between Poland and England on the basis of longstanding historical and cultural conditions – to which we can now add sporting ones as well.
Achieving this aims without support is not possible. We invite everyone to participate in the development of new quality – both of our team and volleyball in England as a whole!! Support us and be part of the club.

You can also choose different options to get involved:
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