A historical win was not sufficient to progress to the quarter finals of the CEV Challenge Cup

Wednesday 1st February will enter the history books, not only for IBB Polonia and also not only for volleyball in England, but for sport in the British isles. In Crystal Palace national Sports Centre, a volleyball festival took place where IBB Polonia London squared up against Draisma Dynamo from Holland. After a titanic battle, the players from London beat the Dutch team 3-2. (22:25; 25:23; 18:25; 25:20; 15:9). Despite the victory, it was not enough to progress to the quarter finals of the prestigious CEV Challenge Cup. The arena was a total sell out with close to 1200 spectators creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

The highest scoring player was captain Marius Ciortea who individually won 14 points. The second highest scoring player was from Apeldoorn: Max Staples amassed 13 individual points. Bontrop Dustin was the best receiver of the match from the Dutch side.

­– I have nothing negative to say about any of my players, we won the match, but the team from the Netherlands showed a very professional side to the game. We were not able to stop their opposite hitter despite trying a variety of strategies during the five sets. It was just like looking at World Champion Mariusz Wlazly playing his best against us. The atmosphere was unbelievable and the difference between winning and losing was a handful of points. We were close to making it through to the next round, but the opposition who train three times as much as we are able to, deserved the aggregate victory today. I wish them lots of luck in the next round. – commented Head Coach of IBB Polonia London Piotr Graban.

It was a really nice night. A lot of people were watching the match. I think our opponents – IBB Polonia London showed a lot of spirit. I strongly believe that in the first three sets we were a better team. That’s why we won two sets which we needed. So this was a close match. I think that both teams wanted to win but mentally we played equal but technically we were a better team. ­– said the coach of Draisma Dynamo Apeldoorn, Bas Hellinga.

Now that the European dream has ended, the IBB Polonia Players and coaching staff will focus their attention to the Super 8 league and national Cup. On 11th February, the next match will be against Sheffield.

IBB Polonia Londyn – Drasma Dynamo Apeldoorn 3:2 (22:25; 25:23; 18:25; 25:20; 15:9)

Pic. sandsphotos.co.uk

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