Changes in the squad and the preparations for CLVolleyM

The season, in which IBB Polonia London will try to realise their sporting and marketing aims,  has only recently got underway and the aim is to make history in the CEV Champions League which starts at the beginning of October. The squad relocated to Bełchatów, Poland in order to maximise their chances. They have access to an outstanding sports hall that belongs to partners PGE Skra. The squad has undergone huge changes that have seen significant reinforcements and these have not yet ended. They will play a number of preparation friendly games to test their collective ability.

The Londoners arrived in Poland during the second half of August in accordance with the determined training plan. They are now living and training in Bełchatów as guests of PGE Skra. During this time a new player has been tested during training, a young setter has been invited for a period of time to join the squad and team from London and Bełchatów shared the court.

Aside from daily training established by the coaching team, IBB Polonia London has confirmed a number of training matches. Currently seven matches have been organised, including Berlin Recycling Volleys who are also PGE Skra Bełchatów’s associates. On Friday, the first match will take place against AZS Czestochowa. The program of matches is laid out below.

IBB Polonia London is still training without a complete squad. Maxson Guilherme Pereira, the very experienced opposite is one of the players based in Bełchatów, as is Ramon Martinez Gion, an outside hitter. Two members of the National Team of Chile will join this week. This week they completed the South American Championships winning a bronze medal. The Club’s new setter got an individual award – MVP of the match between Colombia and Chile. Matias Banda, the setter and Simon Guerra Uteau, middle blocker, will fly to Poland from South America over the next few days.

„We achieved a great success wining the bronze medal. It was good to train and play games with Chile National Team. Thanks to that, I’ve never stopped practicing since the last club season. I feel really good physically and mentally because of that. I don’t know if I could feel like that with a big vacation period instead the national team activity. Now, I can’t wait to go to Poland and join IBB Polonia. It is a club with a big ambitions for CEV Champions League. I will play that tournament for the first time and I am very excited.” – said Simon Guerra Uteau.

Matches’ schedule:
10.09.2021, time: 19:30 (Warsaw time zone) AZS Czestochowa – IBB Polonia London
15.09.2021 time: 18:00 (Warsaw time zone) WKS Wielun – IBB Polonia London
17-18.09.2021 Arka Tempo Chelm, Miedzyrzec Podlaski – IBB Polonia London
22 -23.09.2021 IBB Polonia London – Berlin Recycling Volleys
Other matches’ dates: TBC

pic. Paweł Piotrowski

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Promote the sporting union between Poland and England on the basis of longstanding historical and cultural conditions – to which we can now add sporting ones as well.
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