Team Sunderland – IBB Polonia London

Team Sunderland 0 - 3 IBB Polonia London
30 Paź 2021 - 12:30Sunderland University (Cityspace)

Champions of England begin the 2021/22 season with an emphatic win

IBB Polonia London returned to league competition and National Cup competitions in England. Following over a year’s break on the domestic front due to the pandemic, the reigning champions of England took on Sunderland in a long distance away match. On 30th October the game occurred with a significantly different squad to the one based in Poland. Due to various restrictions, a number of the players based in Belchatow are not permitted to play in England. Consequently, the inaugural match of the season was played by the student athletes from Pro Volley Academy and members of the senior team. IBB Polonia London cruised to a win 0-3 (19:25; 25:27; 21:25) and returned to London with all three points.

It was exciting to see a group of young athletes who had been recruited in September 2020 taking part at the highest level in the UK. They were strongly supported by the outstanding English players who flew back to London for the day. Next Saturday, the squad will play Malory Eagles, and on Sunday will play at home against Tendring Essex. More details will be released on social media of all clubs concerned.