IBB Polonia London begin their historic season with a victory

IBB Polonia London, the reigning Champions of England, returning to court this weekend. On Saturday 5th October, the 2019/20 season started with a bang. The away match against Weymouth ended with a win for Vangelis Koutouleas’ players, who made it through to the next round of the National Cup with a simple 3-0 win. The win bodes well for the forthcoming matches on the international stage with a game against Grupa Azoty ZAKSA Kedzierzyn-Kozle before starting the Champions League adventures.

With a bye in the second round of the National Cup, IBB Polonia never gave the opposition a chance to win. It was clear during the game, that the players were eager to show what they had been training over the last few months. The match concluded quickly 0-3 (17:25; 12:25; 17:25) for the team form London and gave everyone concerned an optimistic outlook.

This season, the domestic champions will not restrict themselves to matches on home soil. IBB Polonia London made the decision to test themselves against the best teams in Europe. Already, in the preparatory phase of the season, the team trained with and played two competitive matches against GREENYARD Maaseik in Belgium. The next big challenge and a huge step upwards, will be the task of playing Grupa Azoty ZAKSA Kedzierzyn-Kozle in Poland. The match will take place in Poland on the 19th October at 2.30PM and will form part of an entire weekend of volleyball events. The details will be available on the usual media of both the Polish and British teams. Joining IBB Polonia London, will be GIBA, the Olympic gold medallist and multiple World Champion – a true legend of the sport, who is very excited about the upcoming events.

„I can’t wait to rejoin IBB Polonia London once again. I am delighted to be part of the team that has such high dreams and aspirations. I hope that the event will help the Club to prepare fully for the Champions League season. I will bring as much as I can to the team and hope that many people will come to watch and I am sure that they will support both teams. Polish matches have the hottest atmosphere on the planet, and so I am confident that it is going to be amazing. Goodbye and see you in Kedzierzyn-Kozle” commented Giba.

The match with the Champions of Poland will be the final preparatory phase before the flight to Croatia, where the first ever Champions League match for a British Club will take place. The match in Zagreb will be followed by the match in London on Wednesday 30th October 2019 in the Olympic Park Copper Box. Once again, it will be another historical moment in British volleyball. Details of the event and tickets are available at https://clm.ibbpolonia.com/.  The Club encourages all volleyball fans to come and take part and to support the team in such a prestigious international match. One of the aims of the season is to bring world class volleyball events to London.

„The Club has set the bar very high and is taking part in the Champions League. I love their ambition and the desire to develop, not only their own level, but also the whole country’s level, something that is in my heart. For that reason, I have my fingers crossed and will do everything I can to help realise these dreams” concluded Giba.

Before the international break, IBB Polonia London has a match in the English Super League being played at Brentford Fountain leisure Centre on 12th October at 4pm. The visiting team will be Sheffield Hallam. Tickets for the match are available online. The next National Cup home game will be on the 9th November.

Weymouth Beach VC – IBB Polonia London 0-3 (17:25; 12:25; 17:25)


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