IBB Polonia London at the summit of the Super League table

Despite the fact that there are still two league matches to play, the first place in league table has now been secured by the team from the capital of England. Following the win on Saturday 3:2 (25:20; 16:25; 25:12; 25:27; 15:9) in front of a home crowd, IBB Polonia London beat Team Wessex and retained the top position of the table.

The encounter between the two teams did not belong to the most straight forward. Each set saw both teams exchange the lead, but it was the hosts that kept their nerves and came out as victors.

“The game with Wessex was pretty tough. We knew that a win guaranteed us the top position of the table and we possibly wanted to win too quickly and as a result lost focus in key moments of the game. The result of this was that our opponents won two sets. Luckily the tie break brought out our best and this gave us the win and the points to secure us the title. I am very proud of the entire team, and I am so happy to be the captain of this group players. Thanks to the hard work we put in each week we are able to win and beat each team this season” commented captain of IBB Polonia London, Bartosz Kisielewicz.

“We are overjoyed with the win. These points mean that we cannot be overtaken at the top of the table, but we are not intending to take our foot off the gas. We still have two key league matches and the Cup Final. Our aim, is of course, to remain unbeaten throughout this season” commented Bartek Luszcz, President of IBB Polonia London.

The five set marathon was not the only attraction in the sports hall. The match was presented, as usual, in a very professional manner which resulted in the great atmosphere in the spectator stands. The fans enjoyed themselves with the music played by the DJ and the announcer whipped the crowd up into a frenzy. The Club will continue to present high class events over the coming weeks.

“Aside from the wins, we have targeted a very ambitious end to the season. The realisation of a huge volleyball event. The last match is going to be a massive volleyball hit, when we move our home venue to the National Sports Centre in Crystal Palace. Other than the teams going at it toe to toe, there will be many exciting side events taking place. It has already been announced that the legendary volleyball player „Giba” will appear on court, but there will be more! The special effects will be bigger than ever. We are planning a world class event with music, lighting effects, the NEVZA trophy, many competitions and of course the biggest Eagle in volleyball. We want everyone to have fun on that Sunday afternoon” added Luszcz.

Behind the scenes, everything is being done to make the event as memorable as possible. The players are training with huge intensity to ensure that they play as well as possible. This coming Saturday (6th April), Simon Loftus’ players will focus their attention on the next visitors: Durham Palatinates. Details will appear here. Soon after Giba will join the team and strengthen them in the final match of the season against Sheffield Hallam. This match will take place on Sunday 14th April at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre. Tickets and details are available online.

“We feel doubly motivated as we approach the final few games of the season. Playing with the best player of this century will be an honour and we aim to remain undefeated until the end. We are all excited to play with a player of such stature and of course we hope that our fans will come to watch this legend and all up the sports hall to support Giba and our team” concluded Kisielewicz.

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Promote the sporting union between Poland and England on the basis of longstanding historical and cultural conditions – to which we can now add sporting ones as well.
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