IBB Polonia London make it to the National Cup Final

There have been no teams to match IBB Polonia London for the entirety of the 2018/19 season. The run of good form continued on Saturday, 23th February. Simon Loftus’ athletes played an outstanding semi-final of the National Cup and swept local rivals Malory Eagles aside to gain yet another chance to win the Cup that has found its home in the trophy cabinet in West London a number of times recently. The final score of the match was 3-0 (25:15; 25:21; 25:21) for IBB Polonia.

„We started very strongly and the opponents didn’t cause us much of an issue. We were very confident and displayed quality throughout the game. There was a short phase during the second set when we lost focus and allowed Malory to catch us, but this was a brief hiccup and soon re-established the control of the match winning in three sets. We served very well, which helped us significantly and caused chaos on the other side of the net” commented Dorian Point, outside hitter for IBB Polonia London.

MVP of the encounter was Team Captain – Bartosz Kisielewicz.

“Bartosz Kisielewicz played so well this Saturday. His distribution was magnificent throughout the game who exploited the other team’s weaknesses. As the captain he motivated his players and led them to victory. The whole team played such a precise match and with such power, the entire sports hall was overawed with the result. The emotions were running highland the crowd were super vocal throughout. This was my first home match at an IBB Polonia London event and I was in awe of the occasion. I hope we can organise another volleyball event in the near future” said Iwona Bialobrzycka, the Director of the Polish Tourist Organisation, the match sponsor.

The fans were equally excited about the win, who were very vocal throughout. The atmosphere was red hot at all times and the people who came had a lot of fun all afternoon thanks to the variety of attractions.

“Saturday’s game was very successful as we secured our place in the Final by beating Malory in three sets and I want to heartily congratulate the players for the win. Together with the Polish Tourist Organisation, the match sponsor, we prepared some attractions for the fans. The latest fun was a light and smoke display at the start of the match which the players enjoyed very much. The display of the NEVZA trophy continued as part of the #TrophyTour. We had the trophy on display and this gave opportunities for multiple selfies throughout the afternoon with the historic win” said Bartek Luszcz, the Chairman of IBB Polonia London VC.

„On Saturday our fans were spectacular as usual and drowned out the visiting spectators’ noise. Their cheering and encouragement urged us on. When we are playing I can’t describe how it makes us feel. I really want to thank them for all that they do. It makes me so happy that more and more people are coming to our games. I met some new faces yesterday when they were congratulating me after the game. The interest in the sport is growing in the UK and if we keep doing what we are right now, then the momentum will continue and the future will be very good for volleyball” concluded Point.

The Final of the Cup will be played on Saturday, 27th April. We know our oppositions Durham Palatinates beat Richmond Docklands 3:1 (25:22; 21:25; 25:17; 25:17).

„Durham is a very tough team who is close on our heels, but we are not scared. We will continue to train very hard to secure, not only the National Cup, but also the Super League title. It is not going to be easy, because the standard of volleyball is improving in the UK all the time. I am really happy to witness this, but most of all I am happy to see how our team is improving. This is thanks to The Club that is investing in our evolution” added Point.

Before IBB Polonia London has a chance to secure the Cup title once again, there are a number of league matches to contest. The next event is on Saturday, 9th March against Team Essex in the Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre. The game will start at 4.30pm local time and tickets are available on line. As usual there will be a number of special attractions for all of our fans.

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