IBB Polonia London: undefeated

Over the most recent weekend, IBB Polonia London played two matches in the Super League. On the 8th December, the team from Durham; named Palatinates made the big drive southwards. The match was of gargantuan proportions and in the end it was the home team that emerged bloodied and scarred victorious 3:2 (16:25; 25:20; 25:23; 23:25; 15:10). Following on from that the team travelled to Southampton VC where they swiftly dispatched the coastal team it just over an hour 0:3 (14:25; 9:25; 11:25).

The very strong team from Durham didn’t quite have enough firepower to stop IBB Polonia London in their winning streak. The match was out of the top drawer and the competition of a high calibre and in the end it went to a fifth set.

“Durham started very strongly serving with huge power alternating with pin point accuracy. The Brazilian setter exploited all of his hitters allowing them numerous one on one situations that soon made short work of IBB Polonia in the first set.  The second set soon saw the home team working out the strategy that Durham were employing. Durham’s most effective element was probably through the middle; but clever serving by the Londoners prevented that option. The match should have been finished 3-1 in favour of Polonia, but a couple of crucial errors gifted the set to the American squad from Durham. The highlight of the entire fixture was Seain Cook diving headlong over the ticket table some ten metres from the side of the court. Unbelievably he made the pick up and Polonia took the point. It was that passion for play and his unbelievable tenacity that makes him the best player in England at the moment. – commented Chris Hykiel, Sports Director of IBB Polonia London.

Saturday’s game was the last home game of the first round for the Londoners. As usual the fans were spectacular with their support, and the atmosphere was electric.

“The Official IBB Polonia Fan Club have the loudest voice in British volleyball and the biggest flags! The opposition always know they have a tough game ahead of them when hear the home crowd and see them wearing the official match kits that is now on sale. We are all immensely grateful for them coming each week and singing their hearts out. We hope they can recharge their batteries over the festive period and come back even stronger as the players will.” – added Hykiel.

The Sunday’s game was the cherry on the icing. The home team from Southampton had nothing in response to the machine that is IBB Polonia London. The short outing produced yet another three points to Polonia.

„We were totally in control of the match. We started each set with a big lead and maintained this until the final whistle each time. It allowed us the opportunity to rest the starting players and give the bench valuable court time. We were very good and thanks to the wins this weekend, we can enjoy Christmas knowing we are in first position.” commented Patrik Selep, Assistant Coach of IBB Polonia London.

IBB Polonia London have not lost a match all season. The first position is now guaranteed and next Saturday is the final match of the calendar year. The result will show what an advantage IBB Polonia has over the rest of the league. The game is on 15th December and takes place on the home court of the team from Newcastle Staffordshire and completes the first round of matches.

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