IBB Polonia London VC advance to the Semi Finals of the National Cup

The game on Saturday was the first in the 2020 calendar year. IBB Polonia London beat Sheffield Hallam in three sets to book their tickets in the final four.

Following the festive season break after the CEV Cup, Polonia returned to court in the domestic Cup. 25th January 2020 witnessed the long drive north to Yorkshire to take on the second best team in the country. Initially the two teams were evenly matched and each team took the lead by a single point, however at the end of the first set it was the Super League champions who maintained focus and reached 25 points first. The second set was a repeat of the first, but with a margin of three points reached. The third set was a different picture, with the hosts seemingly thrown in the towel at 6-16 down. IBB Polonia London coasted in to take the third set 12-25 and the match 0-3 (23:25; 22:25; 12:25).

„Our form, after the break, was not as it was a month previously. We have been training very well and we tried to transfer this into the match. The first two sets were challenging, with the home team pushing us hard. But thanks to our greater physical fitness and experience, we closed the match out” said Bartosz Kisielewicz, Captain of IBB Polonia London.

The Semi Final takes place on 22nd February 2020 and the opponents will be Malory Eagles, who beat neighbours  KS Osemka Ealing 0-3. The details of this fixture will appear on IBB Polonia official website and social media sites shortly.

„Our local rivals Malory play us in the Semi Final. They will be as tough to beat as Sheffield, and so it will be an exciting match for us and our fans. Of course, we are positive about the match and the outcome and I hope our fans will be dancing afterwards, like they always do! I hope that we will win and this victory will take us into the final of the event once again” concluded Kisielewicz.

In the meantime, the next game is on 15th February in the Super league, and once again the opponents will be Sheffield Hallam. The second half of the league is a battle between the top five teams in the country.

The result of National Cup Quarter Final:

Sheffield Hallam – IBB Polonia Londyn 0-3 (23:25; 22:25; 12:25)

Pic. sandsphotos.co.uk

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