No points for IBB Polonia against local rivals

On Saturday 26th March 2022, IBB Polonia London played the most recent game against their local rivals: Richmond Docklands. On their home ground, the players had to admit defeat at the hands of the visitors. The match ended 0-3 in front of many gathered fans who strongly supported their players.

Saturday’s game was an anticlimax compared to recent performances for IBB Polonia London. Niski’s players started very strongly, but the guests soon started to dictate the tempo of the game and maintained their dominance to the end. The home team played hard from start to finish, but just couldn’t find their way on court to gain any clusters of points. In the end, the visitors whose team was dotted with ex-players of IBB Polonia London, were the stronger when it mattered. In the end Richmond Docklands won 0-3 (22:25; 16:25; 20:25).

This was another important learning opportunity for the youngsters that they should remember in the future. For the ProVolley Academy players, the 2021/22 season is their first where they take a regular part in matches of the highest level. Apart from representing IBB Polonia London, they play together in the London League where they dominate all comers.

„IBB Polonia London started very well with clear instruction from Coach Niski; there was no difference between the two teams: one who will play in the National Cup final and must be regarded as favourites for the title, and IBB Polonia London who had five juniors on court for half of the match. With that in mind, to compete at this level is quite an achievement, but areas where the team are unstoppable were sadly lacking: serve and receive. Some days things just don’t work out: and today was one of those days. Luckily the result was immaterial as neither team could win the league nor be relegated, so ultimately the benefit of the encounter was the experience that the youngsters gained from the match.” said Chris Hykiel, Director of Sport at IBB Polonia London.

During the game, fans constantly visited the souvenir stand organised by IBB Polonia London. The club mascot was available to purchase for the first time as well as branded volleyballs, mugs, sunglasses and other splendid items. The shop will also soon be available online, details of which will be shared on Club’s social media.

On Monday, regular trainings resume at Pro Volley Academy and there senior players will join two sessions before the next matches. On Saturday 2nd April, IBB Polonia London travels north to play two away games: first against Sheffield Hallam and then on Sunday against Leeds Gorse. The next, and final, home game will be on 9th April against Sheffield Hallam once again. The young players of Pro Volley Academy don’t end their season at that point, at the end of April will be the grand final of the Under 18 National Championship: details of timings and tickets will be in this link.

IBB Polonia London, after playing thirteen matches in the Superleague is in fifth place in the table with three games to play. Richmond Docklands has now completed their season and sits in second place and must wait for other matches to take place.

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