Public Funds

“The Volleyball Show” supported by the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Poland

The Volleyball Show is a documentary series, which shows, from the ground up, what the life of a volleyball player looks like amidst a global pandemic as well as Brexit. It also shows the development of the popularity of the sport in the UK. Grounded on passion, hard work, huge ambition and challenging experiences, the production highlights volleyball reality and will encourage fans to support the development of a strong team and the support of events in the UK. It is narrated by a former Champions League player, which will provide great insight; many well-known guests from the world of volleyball also appears. The Club never forgets its Polish roots and the importance of Poland in the development and leadership of the sport at the highest level. The monthly documentary about volleyball is being shown on BT Sport, a channel that also broadcasts Premier League football.

The Club decided to take part in a competition organised by the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Poland. Consequently, a decision was made to fund the series, under the title „Polish sport diplomacy via volleyball on British television”. The Club received 150,000 PLN. This will cover the costs of production of eight episodes of the TV show. Total Project Value is 230,000PLN.

Public task financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland within the grant competition “Public Diplomacy 2022”