The hotly anticipated classic in London

On Saturday 27th November, IBB Polonia London visited local rivals Richmond Docklands in the English Super League and took the victory and three points: 0-3 (17:25; 20:25; 23:25). The spectators had an interesting game to watch that featured IBB Polonia London players past and present open both sides of the net. 

The match was billed as the game of the season, and it turned out to be quite the performance. IBB Polonia London came out of the starting blocks at full speed and took an early significant advantage. The opponents were powerless to regain any control of the first set and it ended quickly 25-17. The second set was much more evenly balanced, and both teams were playing point for point, up to 10-11, at which point the visitors clinched a few quick points to take a five point lead which was maintained until 20-25 and the victory in the second set. The third set was a repeat of the second set up to 15-15; it was the hosts turn to turn the screw and they took a slender lead, but it was a short lived battle and ultimately there was only ever going to be one victor; IBB Polonia who snatched the set at 23-25 and with it all three points. The winning margin has now been stretched to four years: the last defeat in Richmond was 2017.

This is now the fifth match won in there Super League this season meaning IBB Polonia London occupy second spot in the league.

The fans were happy to see their favourites on both sides of the net and enjoyed every point. The hosts transferred Renan Ribeiro, Filipi Rodrigues, Tomek Wysocki, Pierre Tang-Taye and Vitor de Oliveira and also the head coach: Marcel Sivak, the ex-libero of the National Champions.

The next game for IBB Polonia London is on 12th December at the home venue of Northolt High School against Durham Palatinates: details will appear on social media.

“This was a great test of the players; following the end of the CEV season, we wanted to show who plays the best volleyball in the UK. We managed to defeat a very strong team scattered with ex-IBB Polonia London players. We were better in every element of the game despite the opponents throwing everything at us, but the will to win was stronger on our side of the net and we took all three points” said IBB Polonia London captain, Bartosz Kisielewiz.

“Of course we still see the other players as our friends and respect them as ex IBB Polonia players. The most important thing was to win and we did that and can now look forward to the next games.” – added Kisielewicz.

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Popularise of the development of volleyball in England
Promote the sporting union between Poland and England on the basis of longstanding historical and cultural conditions – to which we can now add sporting ones as well.
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