Trentino Itas: the first IBB Polonia London rival in the CEV Champions League Volley 2021

In exactly one weaken the 29th September at 8.30pm, the seven times Champion of England, IBB Polonia London will play the first match in the CEV Champions League Volley 2021. The Londoners have found themselves in the „group of death”!

Firstly the titans of world volleyball Trentino Itas. An Italian club that needs no introduction. Despite the short history of the team, the roster is packed with multi titled players. They have won their domestic title on many occasions, a gold medal in the Champion’s League as well as  the World Club Championships title. For IBB Polonia London, it will be a monumental undertaking to take on a team that includes Rossini, Lucarelli, Lisinac and Giannelli!

The champions of England know full well that their opposition will be the most demanding possible. IBB Polonia London is not yet a fully professional club, however the approach to the undertaking has been as professional as is possible. They are realistic about the chances of taking a victory, but the aim is to represent themselves to the highest possible standard to compete for every point and to maximise the opportunity of such an experience at this level of sport. This experience will be invaluable in subsequent matches. It is also an ideal opportunity to showcase the abilities and to promote the club and English volleyball  at this prestigious level of world sport. The stewards of the club have shown on multiple occasions that they are serious about forming a volleyball powerhouse in London, and such an opportunity for positive exposure is the next step.

„IBB Polonia London has never had the chance to compete against a really top team, such as Trentino,  in official competition. We are well aware that we are not favourites to win. Trentino is an outstanding club and I think they will progress far in this competition and in their domestic competitions. The first round is going to be an amazing adventure for us. It is going to be great to go up against such an experienced team, but we are realistic about our chances of victory and are aware it is going to be the biggest challenge in the club’s history. Despite this, I am happy about this game and will bring my own experience and ability and will do my best to help the team as much as I can. I am also looking forward to meeting some familiar faces in Trentino. I had the opportunity to work under the current coach of Trentino and will also chat with Kooy, the Dutchman who I know.” said Marcus Nilsson, opposite for IBB Polonia London.

In the first round, there are six mini groups, and IBB Polonia London drew out of the hat, the names of two real giants: Trentino Itas and OK Vojvodina Seem Novi Sad – the Serbian title holders. Group F will be held in BLM Group Arena, the legendary home of Trentino.

Match schedule for Group F:
IBB Polonia LONDON – TRENTINO Itas 20:30 29/09
OK Vojvodina Seme NOVI SAD – IBB Polonia LONDON 20:30 30/09
TRENTINO Itas – OK Vojvodina Seme NOVI SAD 20:30 01/10

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