Two five setters for IBB Polonia London

The recent weekend, 2nd and 3rd April was very intensive for the players of IBB Polonia London. The team played two tie break matches resulting in a win over Sheffield Hallam on Saturday and a defeat to Leeds Gorse on Sunday. The last match of the season takes place next weekend.

IBB Polonia London had two marathon games in the last few days. As usual the Londoners started on fire causing the opposition huge problems and controlled the game during the first two sets from start to end. Niski’s players lost focus during the third set and this caused a break in their rhythm and allowed the opponent to level the match. The fifth set could have gone either way, but in the end the result went in favour of IBB Polonia London 2-3 (15:25; 20:25; 29:27; 25:19; 14:16). There was no time to rest as Sunday had another scheduled game against Leeds Gorse. The start was similar to Saturday’s game playing a very high level of volleyball IBB Polonia London to take two set lead. Once again the same lack of focus occurred, allowing the home side a chance to get back in. Once again it went to a fifth set but this time the visitors didn’t manage the same result and lost 3-2 (24:26; 18:25; 25:21; 25:19; 15:11).

„Both games were very similar in that we had a 2-0 lead and then threw it away by losing concentration and a lack of volleyball experience. We should have closed both games out with 3-0 wins, but it wasn’t to be. We are a very young team and sometimes it goes like this and I’m sure the guys will all learn lessons from the weekend. We will see the benefits of these lessons in the future. I hope the final game of the season, in front of our own fans, will bring us three more points and lots of joy for the spectators” said Bartosz Kisielewicz, IBB Polonia London captain.

On Saturday 9th April, IBB Polonia London plays the final game of the season against Sheffield Hallam at home – Northolt High School. The game starts at 4.30pm with free entry for all.

The Club internet shop was opened and there are many great offers to be had. Soon fans can buy the 2021/22 season match shirts that show the historic graphic art  depicting Joseph Conrad on them. More on this topic here:https://polonia.vc/ibb-polonia-match-shirts-display-a-world-famous-author/

Create volleyball with us

This season is special for us. We make the intense efforts to create conditions for the club to raise capital and, as a result:
Create a professional volleyball team by providing the best possible training conditions and attracting the best players
Provide impressive tifo display, live streaming, and broadcasting matches on TV channels
Provide assistance for the Official Club Supporters and helping the organisation develop
Popularise of the development of volleyball in England
Promote the sporting union between Poland and England on the basis of longstanding historical and cultural conditions – to which we can now add sporting ones as well.
Achieving this aims without support is not possible. We invite everyone to participate in the development of new quality – both of our team and volleyball in England as a whole!! Support us and be part of the club.

You can also choose different options to get involved:
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