Club history

Established in 1973. IBB Polonia London is one of the oldest & most successful volleyball club in England.


IBB Polonia Academy for boys and girls launched for under 16
players. Mihail Stoev rejoins as Asstistant Coach for Super League and Head Coach for the IBB Polonia Junior Academy.


Super league silver medal and semi-finalists in National Cup. ProVolley Academy players win second silver medal in National Under 18 Cup.


Domestic competitions restart post Covid-19. Mid season ProVolley Academy started Vangelis Koutouleas resigns due to poor health and soon after loses his battle with cancer. Greg Niski steps in to close the season and finish a respectable 5th place with mainly juniors from Pro Volley Academy.
ProVolley Academy wins national Under 18 silver medal.


No domestic competitions, but CEV Champions League entered for as second time. Marcus Nilsson and full professional team recruited. Team moves to BeĊ‚chatow Poland for 3 months. Losses to ITAS Trentino and then Vojvodina Novi Sad in the CEV Cup. ProVolley Academy launched.


Vangelis Koutouleas returns for final spell as Head Coach of IBB Polonia. Giba signs for second season. Australian Olympian Aden Tutton recruited as libero. IBB Polonia London VC invited to play Zaksa Kedzierzyn Kozle in pre-season friendly. Decision made to enter CEV Champions League ompetition against Croatian Champions at Copper Box. A loss resulted in entry to CEV Cup against Draisma Dynamo: a close match but a loss resulted in elimination. Superleague won with ease. Covid ends the season prematurely.


Piotr Graban offered assistant coach at Trefl Gdansk. Simon Loftus (England NT Head Coach) employed as Head Coach. Patrik Selep and Dominik Zmuda (ex junior Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle Head Coach) become assistant coaches. Super 8 Division won with ease. Giba joins IBB Polonia London VC for final phases of the season. Crystal palace is sold out again. IBB Polonia play NEVZA for the first time and win gold.


Krzysztof Ignaczak joins for last part of season. IBB Polonia London VC win national Cup title.


Piotr Graban employed as Head Coach. CEV Challenge Cup entered. Home leg played in Belchatow against Hungarian Champions. IBB Polonia London win golden set. In the next round Draisma Dynamo (Dutch Champions) defeat IBB Polonia in packed Crystal Palace.


Patrik Selep joins as Assistant Coach. IBB Polonia London become Company Limited by Shares. Bartek Luszcz elected as chairman; Grzegorz Niski as Deputy Chairman and Krzys Hykiel voted in as Director of Sport. Super 8 and National Cup double won.


Vangelis Koutouleas returns for second coaching spell. IBB Builders Warehouse become Club sponsors on a three-year contract. Polish Tourism and Maja shops become subsidiary Club sponsors. London Legacy Cup played at Copper Box with Friedrichshafen and PGE Skra Belchatow invited.


Patrik Selep becomes Head Coach with Krzys Hykiel Assistant coach. PGE Skra Belchatow loan two players for half a season.


CBL Business Links become Club Sponsor. CBL Polonia London invited to PGE Skra Belchatow to play match. "Skra" win 3-1 on live Polish TV. Official Polonia VC Fan Club is launched.


Bartek Luszcz joins Polonia VC committee.


Krzys Hykiel returns as Head Coach. Polonia VC win National Cup vs Team Northumbria in the first ever Golden set played in England.


Babis Mamas becomes Head Coach: team reaches national Finals and again loses to Leeds VC. Silver medal in the Super 8 division.


Polonia VC reach National Final, but lose to Leeds VC.


Vangelis Koutouleas becomes Head Coach with Krzys Hykiel as assistant coach. Tyskie Beer become official Club Sponsor.


Jurek Jankowski and Alex Bialokoz (both ex-playerts and coach) inducted into Volleyball England hall of Fame.


Krzys Hykiel becomes Head Coach with Vangelis Koutouleas as assistant Coach.


Jurek Jankowski's third spell as Head Coach.


Julian Mazgon becomes Head Coach.


Ian Towers becomes Head Coach.


Paul Westhead becomes head Coach.


Jurek Jankowski returns as Head Coach.


Simon Golding becomes Head Coach.


Jurek Jankowski takes over as Head Coach.


James Tytko returns as Head Coach: Red Bull become Club Sponsor.


Malory beat Polonia VC 3-2 in the Cup Final and also lose to Liverpool City in the Supercup.


Slawek Mituniewicz coaches the team to win the National Cup 3-2 over Liverpool City which is broadcast live on BBC1 Grandstand.


Polonia VC are coached by Edek Len and Olek Juszkiewicz


Polonia VC win second place in the old Division One.


Gryf changes its name to Polonia Volleyball Club and is coached by Andrzej Lokiec 1983-1987 James Tytko takes over as Head Coach and win the National Title in 1984/1985 and 1985/1986. Mizuno and Universal are Team Sponsors.


Polish YMCA merge with Gryf coached by Andrzej Lowczynowski and play in national Division One.


Maciek Behnke and Henio Paulinski establish a volleyball club out of the Polish YMCA and enter National League Division Three coached by Boleslaw Lesiecki.


We are a competitive volleyball club - with our players competing at all levels from local team league to national team.


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