IBB Polonia London Clinches Super League Regular Season Title

IBB Polonia London has clinched the title of regular season champions. With an outstanding record of 17 victories and only 1 loss in 18 games, the team finished as the undeniable table-toppers, amassing a total of 48 points throughout the season.

The season kicked off in style at the Super League Opening Weekend in Kettering, where IBB Polonia London triumphed over Leeds Gorse in four sets. Middle blocker Ephraim Mills expressed his delight at the team’s confident start, highlighting their hard work and preparation paying off on the court.

“I am really happy with the win. It is great to start a new season so confidently. We have trained hard recently and it is good to see the efforts reflected on court. I like the idea of playing the event at Kettering with all the music and announcers and fans in the stands” said middle blocker Ephraim Mills after the first game of the season.

As the season progressed, IBB Polonia London continued to dominate, securing impressive victories over formidable opponents such as Richmond Docklands, Malory Eagles, Essex Rebels and the reigning champions, Durham Palatinates. Despite facing tough challenges, including a grueling encounter with Durham Palatinates, the team showcased their resilience and determination, emerging victorious and solidifying their position at the top of the table.

The start of the season for IBB Polonia London has been great. Nine matches and nine wins. We lost one point with a 3-2 victory. We have two wins in the National Cup and are looking forward to the next round on 27th January 2024 against Essex who played the final last year and are quite a strong team. Of course we will do our best to win. – said Grzegorz Niski in the end of 2023.

Throughout the season, standout performances from players like Mihail Stoev, Andrea Maggio, Ephraim Mills, Filipe Rodrigues, George Ivanov and the coach Grzegorz Niski propelled IBB Polonia London to victory after victory. Their skill, teamwork, and unwavering commitment to success were evident in every match, earning them the admiration of fans and competitors alike.

In their final home game at Northolt High School, IBB Polonia London treated fans to a thrilling five-set battle against Stockport Volleyball Club, further cementing their status as champions of the regular season. The match kept spectators on the edge of their seats, showcasing the intensity and passion of Super League volleyball.

Now, all attention turns to the Final Four event. For more information and updates on the event and IBB Polonia London’s journey, stay connected with the team through their website, social media channels, and newsletter. Join in cheering on our team as they pursue greatness in the world of volleyball!

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