Greg Niski: This season was an amazing season with an outstanding group of people.

Coach of the silver medallists, Greg Niski, sums up his thoughts about the season that has just concluded, as well as the future and discusses the Academy plans.

The team played really well against Essex Rebels, but the final of the Super League didn’t as hoped.The group fought hard, but Durham were the better team on the day; what determined the result?

 It is important to start by saying we played pretty well in the final, but we were the weaker team. Durham dominated; especially in attack. Their opposite played an amazing game. It was a huge challenge to stop him at the net and in back court. Silver has a bitter sweet taste; we were outstanding during the regular season winning 17 of the 18 matches, but we lost out in the most important game. In this game Durham were better and we should congratulate them.

How do you handle the defeat in the context of the upcoming season?

-We never give up. next season will be upon is before we know it and we want to show we can play volleyball and beat teams and I hope we can win the title once again.

What are the positive aspects of the season? What would you like to highlight?

-Excellent club organisation and great team work with Mihail Stoev, but the most important was the amazing group mof people. The boys came training after work, after classes and gave everything; nobody woprked harder and of that I’m proud.

Apart from the first team, IBB Polonia London also has PRO Volley Academy and the IBB Polonia London Academy. Interestingly, a few graduates of PRO Volley Academy were on court during the Super League.
-Sure; I am hopeful that the players who have moved on to study and are still playing, will come home to IBB Polonia London. I hope that in the next 5 or 6 years our squad will be filled with our ex-players. In the mean time we invite all players to our Pro Volley Academy sessions which will take place 28th-31st May 2024 9.00-10.30am at Northolt High School.


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