IBB Polonia London had an intense weekend with back-to-back victories


IBB Polonia London dominates weekend matches with consecutive victories.

IBB Polonia London faced the University of Nottingham for the second time this season. In their previous encounter in November, IBB Polonia secured a 3:1 victory at home. This time around, their performance was even more impressive as they swept the match without dropping a single set. Andrea Maggio’s, the team captain outstanding contribution earned him the title of Most Valuable Player for this game. His skill and leadership were instrumental in securing the victory for IBB Polonia London.

IBB Polonia London faced off against Sunderland for the second time this season. Their previous encounter, which took place at home in late October, resulted in the same scoreline. Once again, IBB Polonia displayed an impressive performance, replicating their previous success against Sunderland. Notably, George Ivanov performed exceptionally well, filling in for Filipi Rodrigues, who was absent due to injury. George’s stellar performance was evident not only in this game but also in previous matches against Essex Rebels and University of Nottingham.

With these victories, IBB Polonia London has claimed the top spot in the Super League standings. Their next challenge will be an away game against Stockport Volleyball Club.

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