Speed Team London Joins IBB Polonia London as official Digital Sponsor!

We are thrilled to announce that Speed Team London has officially become a part of the IBB Polonia London Volleyball team through a digital sponsorship collaboration.

Speed Team London, an organisation dedicated to uniting enthusiasts of cars and motorcycles, has proudly announced its official sponsorship of IBB Polonia London. Spearheaded by Daniel Mistur, Speed Team London not only brings together individuals passionate about automotive culture but also engages in organising various events, including sports competitions, concerts, and charitable initiatives.

Daniel Mistur, the driving force behind Speed Team London, is not only an avid supporter of automotive excellence but also a devoted fan of our club. Having followed our team’s journey to success for many years, Mistur is confident in the club’s potential to clinch the gold medal in the Super League this season.

The partnership between Speed Team London and IBB Polonia London signifies a union of shared values and ambitions. Mistur
emphasises the collective power of teamwork and believes that by joining forces, we can achieve remarkable feats together. This collaboration marks a significant step forward for both organisations, symbolising a commitment to excellence, unity, and making a positive impact in the community.

Stay tuned for exciting updates and collaborations between Speed Team London and IBB Polonia London.

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