The first victory in 2023/24

Last Saturday was the opening of the season for IBB Polonia London; the fixture was against London Wildcats in the National Cup. Greg Niski’s charges efficiently dealt with some good opposition and notched up their first “W” of the year.

The team is very much changed from last season, with a number of players retiring or relocating. Despite this, the players quickly dispatched with the local rivals in three sets.

“Organising a new group of players is no easy feat and both coaches Niski and Stoev have worked tirelessly to coordinate the group. Serving and serve reception was particularly solid, but following a brief post match chat a few key areas to tidy up in training were established. Once these areas are looked at, and the missing players return, the team looks in very good shape. As against Richmond Docklands in a recent friendly, the team looked in total control for the vast majority of the match and I am super optimistic about how the season will play out if the small areas of improvement are attended to” – said Chris Hykiel.

The next round is this coming Saturday under the guise of the Super League Opening Weekend: a new initiative for Volleyball England. The opponents are Leeds Gorse Men 1 and will take place at Kettering National Volleyball Centre; the match starts at 4.30pm. Following that the next Cup game is 11th November against the intriguingly named Brazukas.

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