A win at the opening weekend of the Super League season event


For the first time in history, an opening weekend of the Super League was organised, and IBB Polonia London defeated Leeds Gorse in four sets, and with that notching up the first three points of the new season.

All the games were played at Kettering National Volleyball Centre, with IBB Polonia London’s game starting much later than the 4.30pm planned start time.

It was Leeds who raced off to the brighter start, but soon Polonia found their rhythm and soon pegged back the team from the north. Andrea Maggio and Mihail Stoev were outstanding in their attacking, and in a tight end of the first set were instrumental in the win. Leeds had a set ball, but Greg Niski’s players were the calmer and managed to get their noses over the finishing line first. In the second set the Londoners dictated the match and took the set with ease 25-21. Then the momentum shifted and Leeds seemed re-energised in the third set and led with a five point margin causing Niski to take a time out at 6-1 down. The fans who were attracted to the weekend’s events saw some excellent volleyball with outstanding defence from both teams, but in the end it was Leeds who were dominant at the end and took the set with a four point margin. In the fourth set it was polonia who were the stronger and quickly closed out the match 3-1.

“I am really happy with the win. It is great to start a new season so confidently. We have trained hard recently and it is good to see the efforts reflected on court. I like the idea of playing the event at Kettering with all the music and announcers and fans in the stands” said middle blocker Ephraim Mills

Soon the next game will be played: Saturday 21st October 2023 at 4.30pm IBB Polonia London play Team Sunderland. The game takes place at Northolt High School.

All are invited!


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