It is another win in the National Cup of England


The second round of the cup was a quick game against Brazukas who didn’t cause Greg Niski’s team any issues whatsoever.

In the last game of the National Cup of England, IBB Polonia beat Wildcats London which earned them a match against local rivals Brazukas.

“Brazukas are a mainly Brazilian team. The game was played in front of a small but vocal group of fans who saw a demonstration of how to play high level volleyball. I was impressed by a number of players, but particularly by George Ivanov at libero who defended and received very accurately. Sam Bartlett-Tisdall saw some excellent court time in two different positions making him an interesting prospect for the future.” – said Chris Hykiel.

The Saturday match was over in 49 minutes and ther Super league table toppers had everything under total control as captain Magiio and his team won in three sets: 25-8, 25-13 and 25-12

The next round is against Essex Rebels: the team that ended the cup run for IBB Polonia London last season. In the Superleague, the next match is away to local neighbours Richmond Docklands – 18.11.2023 at 6:30 PM.

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