IBB Polonia London in a rich vein of form!


IBB Polonia London is the current leader in the Super League table and also has won two National League Cup matches. It is also worth mentioning that many players are ranked right at the top of the Individual Stats tables.

With 12 out of 12 points, IBB Polonia London is in first place having beaten Leeds Gorse Men, Team Sunderland, the current Champions of England Durham Palatinates and University of Nottingham.

In the National Cup, Greg Niski’s players have rolled over Wildcats London and also Brazukas. The next match is against Essex Rebels in January.

Volleyball is a team sport, but Volleyball England has been tracking player stats since the start of the season and IBB Polonia are repeat visitors at the very peak. Diego Tamburini is at the top of the table as the best setter in England. Moreover, he was chosen as the best player of the month. Mihail Stoev is the best hitter in England. Ephraim Mills, Mihail Stoev, Andrea Maggio and Vaidas Audickas are all in the top group of best servers in the country. In second place of best receivers is Filipi Rodrigues and third place in the defenders ranking: it won’t be too long before he rightly takes the top place as well!

There are plenty of opportunities to watch these amazing players compete on the court; on 18th November at 6.30 pm, Richmond Docklands host IBB Polonia London in Kingston Arena and then on 26th November, there is a home game against Malory Eagles at 3.30 pm

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