End of the Cup journey

On Saturday, the adventure ended with the National Cup with a defeat at the hands of Essex Rebels after a five set game.
It was a great atmosphere in the Sportshall of Essex Rebels where last season saw the loss in the semi finals 3-1.
Both teams started the game very motivated and the local fans of University of Essex witnessed lots of great defence, blocks and tight rallies. In the first set it was the Londoners who edged the home team 23-25.
The next twos sets belonged to Essex who were very strong at the net with well formed blocks. They also attacked very well and caused many problems to the visitors; of particular note were Thomas Shatimehin and Thomas Jefferson. Coach Niski moved his players around and brought substitutes on to improve details here and there. Despite the improvements, Essex took the two sets and led the match 2-1.
At the start of the fourth set, IBB Polonia London looked revived and served very effectively which raised the confidence of the team in attack. Filipi Rodrigues was excellent in another near faultless display of defence and Mihail Stoev and Ephraim Mills started to dominate at the net. The exchanges at the net went to and fro and the fans enjoyed the excitement on both sides of the net. The set became close, but the last point was taken by Niski’s team who brought the match to a 2-2 scoreline.
The fifth set was the closest part of the match and of the highest quality. It wasn’t clear who would take the set until the last action as both teams had match points. Sadly the set ended 19-17 and a 3-2 defeat. It was Essex Rebels who progress to the next round.
Despite the end of the National Cup journey, the battle for the title of Champions of England continues. A chance to overturn the result from Saturday happens very quickly this Sunday against Essex rebels in the Super League. The game takes place on Sunday 4th February at 4.30pm.
We invite all of our amazing fans to come along and support IBB Polonia London in a few short days.

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