IBB Polonia London defeats Essex Rebels in three sets


Sunday’s match in the Super League was against Essex Rebels and it ended in a swift victory for IBB Polonia London and a strengthening of the position at the top of the table.

For the second time in seven days, the same two teams took each other on, but this time in the prestigious Super League. The outcome was true to league form with a simple win in three sets for the home team.

The squad was significantly different due to the absence on many players for a variety of reasons: libero Filipi Rordigues, setter Diego Tamburini, outside hitters Mihail Stoev, Piero Muller and playing with an injury Ephraim Mills. In their places Niski added outside hitters Tai Yat Chau, and Andrea Maggio, George Ivanov as libero, Pearson Fuller as setter and Dahmane Bentiti as opposite.

The first set went the way of the home side, who despite new personnel in most positions played a great level and took the set 25-20. The second set was very similar with the Londoners taking it 25-21. The third set always looked to be going the way of the visitors, and who knows after that! Point by point the home team clawed their way back up from a 6 point deficit and took the set 27-25.

The Sunday game was the only home game this month; all remaining games are on the road. Details will appear on the usual social media sites.

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