Another Victory Secured


In a thrilling encounter, IBB Polonia London emerged victorious against Newcastle Staffs, marking their 16th game of the season with yet another triumph.

The Saturday’s match ended in a decisive three-set victory, with IBB Polonia London adding three points to their standing in the table.The standout performer of the game was none other than the setter, Diego Tamburini, who showcased exceptional skill and finesse throughout the match, earning him the title of Most Valuable Player.

Currently leading the Super League, IBB Polonia London has already secured their spot in the Final 4, scheduled to take place during the last weekend of April at the prestigious volleyball center in Kettering. More details here:

In addition to celebrating their victory, the match also provided a platform for young talents from the Pro Volley Academy to showcase their potential. Oliwier Wrobel and Henry de Lima seized the opportunity to join the first team, marking a significant milestone in their volleyball journey.

Open trials for the ProVolley Academy are on the horizon, offering a chance for individuals to showcase their skills and potentially become part of the esteemed program.

Interested participants are encouraged to attend the free tryouts scheduled for April 2nd to April 5th, from 9 am to 11 am at Northolt High School. This is an opportunity not to be missed for anyone looking to embark on a fulfilling volleyball journey with a program that prioritizes growth and success, both on and off the court.

For more information about the Pro Volley Academy and to register for the trials, prospective players are urged to follow the club’s social media channels. Additionally, any inquiries can be directed to


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