Youngsters from PRO Volley Academy Shine at London Youth Games

The London Youth Games has a rich and diverse history, stretching back decades and featuring some of the most influential figures in British sport over the last 47 years, including royalty and senior political figures, and has engaged over 1.9 million Londoners. While similar youth events across the UK have come and gone, the London Youth Games, since its inception in 1977, has not only survived but thrived. It stands as one of the world’s leading annual youth sports events, continually evolving and driving participation in school and community sports in the nation’s capital.

This year, players from Pro Volley Academy represented Ealing in the volleyball competition and emerged victorious, winning the entire tournament.

“You meet so many people, you play so many games, we definitely have a lot of fun, but also there’s that element of competitiveness that is crucial for sports. London Youth Games is an experience,” said Henry de Lima, a Pro Volley player who has also trained and played with the first team during the last season.

All the players emphasized that the London Youth Games is an excellent way to gain experience and build confidence.

“We are super proud of our young players. Even though they were not playing as Pro Volley Academy and were representing Ealing, this is a great success for everyone. Also, we are recruiting for Pro Volley Academy for the upcoming academic year, and we are more than happy to invite you for the upcoming trials. If you need more information, feel free to contact us,” said Grzegorz Niski, head coach of ProVolley Academy and the senior team.

If you are interested in joining PRO Volley Academy, contact us at

photo. London Youth Games

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