A great month for IBB Polonia London


The next month has passed in the 2023/4 season. November was a month with four matches and all wins.

The month didn’t see a single loss for Greg Niski and his squad. This means a 100% record in the Superleague and National Cup.

university of Nottingham was the first match which ended 3-1 for the Londoners and was the start of a great level of volleyball. MVP was Diego Tamburini

A week later, Greg Niski and his team played the National Cup against Brazukas which was over 3-0 and didn’t cause last season’s bronze medallists any issues whatsoever. It was also a great chance for the whole squad to get an opportunity to showcase their skills. MVP of that match was Olafs Matjusenkos.

The next challenge was the toughest and ended in a five set marathon with a win for IBB Polonia London. Losing 2-0, Captain Andrea Maggio and the team turned around a huge deficit to take the match 3-2. This was the only point lost so far this season; MVP was awarded to Filipi Rodrigues.

The final match was against the oldest rivals in England: Malory Eagles. A reasonably routine 3-0 was the result with Niski putting Dahmane Bentiti as opposite who secured MVP in that game. 

Currently the Londoners are on top of the table with 17 points out of a possible 18. Apart from the results just listed, many players feature at the top of the Superleague Stats tables.

The next opportunity to celebrate each point is against Newcastle Staffs on 9th December at Northolt High School at 4.30pm. Come along and be part of what we do.

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