Greg Niski: „We have our target”


Coach Greg Niski took over the role of Head Coach of IBB Polonia London in 2021/2022. Last year the team from NW London took third place in the Super-league and were eliminated from the semi-finals of the National Cup by Team Essex. From the start of the season IBB Polonia London are looking in amazing form; take a look at a short chat with Niski about the games and his thoughts for next year.

IBB Polonia London has won nine matches since the start of the season; two in The Cup and seven in the league. Can you summarise the season so far?

Greg Niski: The start of the season for IBB Polonia London has been great. Nine matches and nine wins. We lost one point with a 3-2 victory. We have two wins in the National Cup and are looking forward to the next round on 27th January 2024 against Essex who played the final last year and are quite a strong team. Of course we will do our best to win. 

 What are the successes so far in your opinion?

Greg Niski: The guys are training very hard and we have our target: to win the league and cup and I am hopeful we will realise the aim 

Who do you think are the main opponents this season? Who will make the playoffs this season?

Greg Niski: IBB Polonia have seven victories in the table and second placed Durham, the reigning champions of England, have the same number of points, but have played three more matches than us which means we have a comfortable lead. Malory are strong: we beat them 3-0, but they will add more stronger players and I think the other team for the top four will be the University of Essex. That is great because there are players there who came through our ProVolley Academy and it will be fun to play against them and say “hi”. I think Richmond Docklands have an outside chance of making the top four, but as they say “it is sport” and anything can happen; but I am certain we will be in the playoffs.

Can you give us a few words about the main competition in the league?

Greg Niski: This year the format of the league is slightly different. Last year it was a simple race for first place, but this year it is important to finish in the top four to make the playoffs for the Championships of England. Finishing first gives a theoretically easier semi final against a weaker team. It will all take place in Kettering over a weekend in the National Centre of Volleyball. On Saturday, first plays fourth and second plays third. The losers will meet on Sunday for the bronze medal playoff and the winners will meet for the gold medal on Sunday. I believe we will be in the final and will win it.

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